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Certificat de spécialiste en e-learning (version Articulate Storyline)

Course code: 10609

Prerequisites: None

Price (plus GST): $1,995.00

Duration: 5 Days

Ce cours est offert en français avec une documentation en anglais.

This class is offered in two versions, one uses the Articulate suite as the core product while the other Adobe Captivate.

Experience the hands-on practice and coaching you need to refine and enhance your understanding of Rapid E-learning Design. The basic and advanced portions of this course will teach you the tools . . . and will make sure you know how to use the tool effectively. You will learn how to raise the quality of the content, graphic design, and effectiveness of your e-learning courses. This course has also been designed with fewer modules to create more hands-on experience while giving the participants time to build some resources they can use when they return to the office.

Who Should Attend: Professionals who develop elearning content development, including training managers, instructional designers, trainers, product managers and marketing & communication professionals


  • DAY 1 - Effective Use of Video in eLearning

  • Module 1: eLearning and Camtasia Studio 8
    Education Through Pictures
    Camtasia's History
    Planning eLearning Projects
    The Development Process
    The Power Scale
    Budgeting Considerations
    The Camtasia Studio 8 Interface
    The Clip Bin
    The Preview Panel
    Open a Camera Project
    View Panels
    Explore the Clip Bin
    Preview Project Assets

    Module 2: Recording Videos
    Display Resolution and Recording Area
    Recording The Screen
    Cursor Effects
    Rehearse a Script
    Set Camtasia Studio Tools Options
    Select a Recording Area
    Record a Video
    Record a Video with Cursor Highlights and Clicks
    Add a System Stamp and Caption

    Module 3: Videos, Images and PIP
    Adding Video
    Picture in Picture (PIP)
    Import a Camrec Video
    Add a Video to the Timeline
    Import Images
    Add an Image to the PIP Track
    Create a Watermark

    Module 4: Title Clips, Transitions and Callouts
    Title Clips
    Create a Title Clip
    Add Slide Transitions
    Set Transition Duration
    Add a Text Callout
    Modify Text Callout Properties
    Control Text Callout Timing
    Add a Rectangle Callout
    Add a Highlight Rectangle

    Module 5: Audio
    Importing Audio Files
    Recording Narration
    Volume Controls
    Silence and Audio Enhancements
    Add Background Music to a Video
    Fade Audio In and Out
    Record Voice Narration
    Split a Music Clip
    Lower Audio Volume
    Replace Audio with Silence
    Remove Noise

    Module 6: Produce Videos
    Production Basics
    Produce a Video for the Web
    Produce an AVI for CD Distribution
    Edit Preset Values
    Add a Watermark to a Produced Video

    Module 7: Focus, Markers, TOCs and Flash Hotspots
    Flash Hotspots
    Add a Zoom-n-Pan
    Alter a Zoom-n-Pan's Start Time
    Add a Zoom-n-Pan Keyframe
    Change Video Dimensions
    Apply SmartFocus
    Add a Marker
    Add a TOC
    Customize a TOC
    Replace a Background Image
    Add a Transparent Hotspot
    Set Flash Hotspot Properties

    Module 8: Flash Quizzes and Surveys
    Add a Quiz and Multiple Choice Question
    Add a Fill In the Blank Question
    Produce Part of a Video
    Edit Answer Details
    Add a Survey
    Set Quiz Production Options
    Set Quiz and Survey Results via Email

    Module 9: Theater and MenuMaker
    Create a Web Menu Playlist
    Customize a Web Menu
    Create a CD Menu
    Customize a CD Menu

  • DAY 2 - Fundamentals of Rapid eLearning Design and Introduction to Articulate Storyline

  • DAY 3 - Editing Sound with Audacity and Image Manipulation with Snagit

  • DAY 4 and 5 - Articulate Storyline

    What is Storyline?
    Getting Started with Storyline: The Building Blocks
    Using Slides, Layers, Triggers, and States
    Getting Started with Characters
    Adding Content to Your Course
    Developing Interactions
    Creating a Custom Interaction Lab
    Publishing Basics
    Player Design
    Publishing Your Module
    Creating Assessments
    Introduction to Variables
    Storyline Lab
    Use Storyline to Tackle Some of Your Design and Development Challenges
    Interacting with mobile platforms