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Adobe Dreamweaver CC - Web Applications in PHP and MySQL

Course code: 1059

Prerequisites: Working knowledge of Dreamweaver.

Price (plus GST): $885.00

Duration: 3 days

This course is for Web designers and developers who want to create database-driven Web applications in PHP inside Adobe Dreamweaver. Participants will be using the tools available in Dreamweaver to build an application that interfaces with a MySQL database. In addition to focusing on the basics of designing and developing applications with Dreamweaver, the course will also focus on best practices when creating web-based services.


  • Advantages of dynamic content
  • PHP syntax primer used in application development
  • Dreamweaver's support for PHP
  • Connecting to a MySQL database
  • Displaying MySQL database data
  • Learning server behaviors and repeat regions
  • Including files and reusing data
  • Controlling the display of information
  • Using the server debug view
  • Inserting, deleting , and updating database records using forms
  • Using the database object and the application panel
  • Client-side form validation
  • Creating a simple search form page
  • Building a results page
  • Implementing database security in Dreamweaver
  • Understanding the sessions variable and talking between pages