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Tuesday May 15th 2018
Thursday June 21st 2018

Adobe Audition CC

Course code: 10520

Prerequisites: None

Price (plus GST): $395.00

Duration: 1 day

Audition is a highly regarded audio post-production application that blends fast performance and professional tools with an extremely user-friendly interface. In this class we will introduces you to Audition's powerful features, which include a multitrack editing environment, a comprehensive mixer, track-based controls and effects, and a separate effects rack, as well as extraordinary audio correction tools. Whether you're new to audio editing or have experience with Soundbooth, Premiere Pro, or earlier versions of Audition, this course will get you rolling with Audition CC 2015 in a hurry.

Introducing Adobe Audition
Adobe Audition is a powerful, user-friendly production and post-production sound editing application. It has a wide range of uses, including recording live music sessions, cleaning up troublesome audio files, and producing soundtracks for film and television. In this section you'll be introduced to Audition and its interface.

Importing and Managing Media Files
Audition has multiple ways to import media. This section deals with importing audio, video, and XML files into Audition.

Working with Sound Files
Audition includes multiple ways to analyze your audio files, compensate for badly recorded sound, and manage levels.

Introduction to Multitrack Sessions
A multitrack session holds your audio clips, allowing you to create complex, multilayered audio soundscapes, musical compositions, or soundtracks for film and television. You'll learn all about multitrack sessions in this section.

Multitrack Editing
In addition to being a powerful audio editor, Audition has a complete multitrack session editing environment. You will learn some of Audition's powerful real-time editing features.

Integration with the Creative Suite
As you might expect, Audition integrates beautifully into the Creative Suite. This chapter shows you ways to integrate your Audition work into your complete production and post-production workflow.