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e-Learning Specialist Certification (Articulate Studio 09 version)

Course code: 10226

Prerequisites: None

Price (plus GST): $1,995.00

Duration: 5 Days

This class is offered in two versions, one uses the Articulate suite as the core product while the other Adobe Captivate.

Experience the hands-on practice and coaching you need to refine and enhance your understanding of Rapid E-learning Design. The basic and advanced portions of this course will teach you the tools . . . and will make sure you know how to use the tool effectively. You will learn how to raise the quality of the content, graphic design, and effectiveness of your e-learning courses. This course has also been designed with fewer modules to create more hands-on experience while giving the participants time to build some resources they can use when they return to the office.

Who Should Attend: Professionals who develop elearning content development, including training managers, instructional designers, trainers, product managers and marketing & communication professionals


  • DAY 1 - Effective Use of Video in eLearning

  • Module 1: eLearning and Camtasia Studio 8
    Education Through Pictures
    Camtasia's History
    Planning eLearning Projects
    The Development Process
    The Power Scale
    Budgeting Considerations
    The Camtasia Studio 8 Interface
    The Clip Bin
    The Preview Panel
    Open a Camera Project
    View Panels
    Explore the Clip Bin
    Preview Project Assets

    Module 2: Recording Videos
    Display Resolution and Recording Area
    Recording The Screen
    Cursor Effects
    Rehearse a Script
    Set Camtasia Studio Tools Options
    Select a Recording Area
    Record a Video
    Record a Video with Cursor Highlights and Clicks
    Add a System Stamp and Caption

    Module 3: Videos, Images and PIP
    Adding Video
    Picture in Picture (PIP)
    Import a Camrec Video
    Add a Video to the Timeline
    Import Images
    Add an Image to the PIP Track
    Create a Watermark

    Module 4: Title Clips, Transitions and Callouts
    Title Clips
    Create a Title Clip
    Add Slide Transitions
    Set Transition Duration
    Add a Text Callout
    Modify Text Callout Properties
    Control Text Callout Timing
    Add a Rectangle Callout
    Add a Highlight Rectangle

    Module 5: Audio
    Importing Audio Files
    Recording Narration
    Volume Controls
    Silence and Audio Enhancements
    Add Background Music to a Video
    Fade Audio In and Out
    Record Voice Narration
    Split a Music Clip
    Lower Audio Volume
    Replace Audio with Silence
    Remove Noise

    Module 6: Produce Videos
    Production Basics
    Produce a Video for the Web
    Produce an AVI for CD Distribution
    Edit Preset Values
    Add a Watermark to a Produced Video

    Module 7: Focus, Markers, TOCs and Flash Hotspots
    Flash Hotspots
    Add a Zoom-n-Pan
    Alter a Zoom-n-Pan's Start Time
    Add a Zoom-n-Pan Keyframe
    Change Video Dimensions
    Apply SmartFocus
    Add a Marker
    Add a TOC
    Customize a TOC
    Replace a Background Image
    Add a Transparent Hotspot
    Set Flash Hotspot Properties

    Module 8: Flash Quizzes and Surveys
    Add a Quiz and Multiple Choice Question
    Add a Fill In the Blank Question
    Produce Part of a Video
    Edit Answer Details
    Add a Survey
    Set Quiz Production Options
    Set Quiz and Survey Results via Email

    Module 9: Theater and MenuMaker
    Create a Web Menu Playlist
    Customize a Web Menu
    Create a CD Menu
    Customize a CD Menu

  • DAY 2 - Fundamentals of Rapid eLearning Design and Introduction to the Articulate Suite

  • DAY 3 - Editing Sound with Audacity and Image Manipulation with Snagit

  • DAY 4 and 5 - Intermediate and Advanced Articulate

    Module 1: In the Beginning, there was PowerPoint

    Best Kept Secrets of an Elearning Template
    Design Best Practices for PowerPoint
    A Topical Approach to Course Design
    Presenter Notes and Animations

    Module 2: Recording and Inserting Audio
    Best Practices for Recording Narration
    Recording Slide Narration
    Synchronizing Animation Timings
    Importing Audio
    Using the Audio Editor
    Adding Annotations

    Module 3: Creating Engage Interactions
    Best Practices for Engage Interactions
    Defining the 10 Types of Engage Interactions
    Creating Effective Interactions (Process , Labeled Graphic , Tabs , Circle Diagram , Timeline , Media Tour , FAQ , Pyramid , Guided Image , Glossary , Community Interactions)
    Choosing the Right Engage Interaction

    Module 4: Create and Insert Quizmaker Quizzes
    Best Practices for Quizzes and Learning Games
    Using the 3 Types of Learning Games (Choices , Word Quiz , Sequence )
    Creating Effective Quizmaker Quizzes (True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Fill in the Blank, Word Bank, Matching Drag and Drop, Matching Drop-down, Sequence Drag and Drop, Sequence Drop-down, Numeric, Hotspot)
    Creating Effective Quizmaker Survey Questions (Likert Scale, Pick One , Pick Many, Which Word, Short Answer, Essay, Ranking Drag and Drop, Ranking Drop-down, How Many, Explanation)
    Customizing Feedback Messages
    Choosing the Right Question Type
    Scoring and Reporting Quiz Results
    Integration with Articulate Presenter
    Publishing Quizmaker Quizzes and Surveys

    Module 5: Adding Flash Media
    Best Practices for Using Flash Movies
    Embedding Flash Media
    Setting Display Options

    Module 6: Inserting Web Objects & Attachments
    Best Practices for Using Web Objects
    Embedding Web Objects
    Display and Size Options
    Best Practices for Using Attachments
    Using Web Links and File Attachments

    Module 7: Using Slide Properties
    Changing Slide Titles
    Understanding Course Levels
    Hiding Slides
    Branching and Locking Slides
    Slide View Options
    Selecting Presenters
    Selecting Audio Playlists
    Slide Navigation Options

    Module 8: Setting the Presentation Options
    Adding Logos
    Adding Presenters
    Adding Playlists
    Quality Settings and Preferences

    Module 9: Player Templates
    Layout Options
    Navigation Options
    Player Controls
    Text Label Options
    Setting and Editing Color Schemes
    Browser Settings

    Module 10: Publishing Options
    Publish for Web Delivery
    Publish for an LMS
    Publish for CD Delivery
    Publish to Articulate Online
    Publish as a Word Document (Storyboard and Presenter Notes)
    Publish for Podcast

    Module 11: Advanced Quizmaker
    Using the Slide View as a Free-Form Tool
    Creating Graphical Questions and Answers
    Building a video quiz
    Applying Animations to Your Questions
    Branching within a Quiz
    Designing a Quiz Template

    Module 12: PowerPoint for Articulate users
    Advanced PowerPoint Tips and Tricks
    Custom animations revisited
    Working with Graphics in PowerPoint

    Module 13: Using Hyperlinks in PowerPoint
    Create a Branching Exercise
    Develop a Quiz without Quizmaker
    Simulate a Roll-Over Animation
    Using motion paths

    Module 14: Creating Templates Lab
    Using multiple slide masters to create PowerPoint backgrounds
    Customizing the Articulate Player Template to compliment PowerPoint designs
    Pre-build your own branching scenarios

    Module 15: Flash and Other Animations
    Inserting Animations and Interactions
    Using Screenr to add screen recordings to your course
    Using Articulates Video Encoder