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Class is offered on the following dates (click on a date to register):

Thursday May 17th 2018
Thursday June 7th 2018

Adobe Presenter 10

Course code: 10140

Prerequisites: knowledge of Powerpoint

Price (plus GST): $395.00

Duration: 1 day

With just a few clicks in PowerPoint, you can transform drab presentations into engaging Adobe Flash multimedia experiences. Easily add narration, animations, interactivity, quizzes, and software simulations to eLearning courses.

Key capabilities
Easily create professional Flash presentations and self-paced courses complete with narration and interactivity.
Import and edit video in any format and export as SWF.
Record and edit high-quality audio.
Help ensure consistency with branding and customization.
Deliver advanced quizzes and surveys with question pooling and randomization.
Publish content as a PDF file, preserving all of your animations.
Create AICC- and SCORM-compliant content.
Integrate with Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro software to deploy, manage, deliver, and track content.


  • Unit 1: Introducing Adobe Connect Enterprise Applications
    Introducing Adobe Connect Pro Applications
    Introducing Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Meeting
    Introducing Adobe Presenter
    Navigating an Adobe Presentation
    Introducing Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Training
    Introducing Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Events
    Introducing the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Central

  • Unit 2: Adding Audio
    Installing Adobe Presenter 7
    Recording Slide Narration
    Editing Audio
    Importing Audio
    Adding PowerPoint Animations
    Synchronizing Audio and Animations
    Reviewing Best Practices for Recording Audio

  • Unit 3: Publishing an Adobe Presentation
    Publishing Presentations
    Setting Presentation Properties
    Packaging a Presentation for Distribution
    Publishing a Presentation to an Adobe Acrobat PDF
    Publishing to the Adobe Connect Pro Server
    Updating an Adobe Presentation on the Server

  • Unit 4: Customizing Adobe Presentations
    Setting Slide Navigation Settings
    Adding Presenter Information
    Changing the Presentation Theme
    Creating a Custom Theme
    Attaching Files
    Adding PowerPoint Links

  • Unit 5: Adding Flash Content and Video
    Embedding Flash Content
    Enabling Complete Playback of Non-Interactive Flash SWF Files
    Controlling Flash Content with the Presentation Control Bar
    Enabling Sufficient Slide Time for Interactive Flash SWF Files
    Importing Video to a Slide or a Slide Bar
    Record Video for Placement into a Slide or Slide Side Bar
    Editing a Video

  • Unit 6: Adding Quizzes
    Adding Quiz Questions
    Adding Quiz Question Groups
    Importing Quizzes and Questions
    Setting Quiz Navigation Properties
    Customizing the Appearance of Quiz Slides
    Customizing Feedback Messages
    Scoring and Reporting Quiz Results
    Adding Audio to Quiz Slides
    Reviewing Tips and Tricks