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Our new online-only and blended classes are now ready.

Both share the same online theory and access to a Red Rocket Certified Expert through our mentoring program. You can take the modules in your class as many times as you would like at no extra cost for 6 months.

You can also turn an online-only class into a blended one by scheduling a one day, hands-on instructor-led classroom session where our industry veterans and Certified Experts will walk you through a series of tailored projects that will solidify your skills.

Sample class:

Available blended classes:

Red Rocket Brings Blending to Ottawa and Montréal

In the real world, learning is rarely classroom training or e-Learning alone. Using industry veterans and certified experts, we believe that our small class sizes and instructor-led programs are still the best way to learn.

Our blended programs offer several advantages for the agressive learner, such as a lower price per student and minimized time spent in the classroom -- often by half. This way the students complete the theory online before setting foot in our classroom. Once this step is complete, the students attend an intensive day on-site where experts leed them through carefully crafted real world projects to solidify their skills.

Reguardless of the training you choose, all the programs we offer include our FREE mentoring and support system.

Need help?!?

If you are taking an online-only, blended, or took an instructor-led class and need help, don't hesitate to contact your Red Rocket Certified Mentor by email at the following address:

We will be glad to assist you.